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To succeed in today’s digital era, you need the right IT resources, expertise and support. JC-Concept Services give you access to all these and more. They are customizable to meet specific business needs, and backed by rock-solid service level agreements. And they put your IT infrastructure in expert hands, which frees up your IT resources for more value-added tasks.

Installation and Implementation

Make every deployment frictionless and professional

Change doesn’t have to be challenging. Make your next data migration, new solution roll-out, or even a full-scale office relocation, simple and straightforward with JC-Concept’s installation and implementation services. 

Plus, we’re also here to help with special project services, such as OS migration or installing dedicated retail technologies to get new stores up and running quickly.

  • Deployment and Implementation

    Leveraging proven best practices, our experts meticulously plan each deployment to eliminate the “hassle-factor” for minimal disruption. Couple this with a complete range of value-added tasks – such as image cloning and data migration – and the results are as frictionless as possible.


    • Disciplined approach maintains operations and keeps data secure
    • Customised deployments tailored for specific requirements
  • Relocation

    Nobody can bend time and space. Let our teams of trained professionals do the next best thing – ensure that all your equipment, infrastructure and documents are moved securely and installed correctly whenever your business changes location.


    • One-stop service
    • Dedicated specialists who manage the entire process
    • Experienced in moves of all sizes and complexity
    • Single point of contact for all support and enquiries

Professional Services

Make it happen

Keeping ahead of increasingly tougher competition takes skilled people, technology expertise and in-depth business knowledge. JC-Concept’s professional services team delivers all of that – along with practical forward-looking advice. Our decades of proven experiences and partnerships with top-tier technology vendors means we’re always ready to design, develop, implement and maintain everything from cutting-edge applications to major pan-region IT projects. Want something done? Tell us and we’ll make IT happen!


  • Trusted advice based on decades of APAC-based consulting
  • Seamless project management and smooth System Integration & Implementation Services
  • Optimised tailored solutions based on your organisation’s evolving requirements

Managed Services

Leave IT all to us

With decades of operational experience and the latest technology know-how, let our team of experts manage and keep your enterprise IT infrastructure running at its best – so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Support Desk

    Offering a lifeline when things go wrong, our Support Desk services provide a consistent, personalised, 24x7 service experience when your people need help the most.


    • Guaranteed service levels
    • Dedicated 24x7 hotline
    • First-level problem resolution via phone or email
    • Rapid call escalation
    • Remote monitoring
    • Detailed weekly and monthly reports
  • Managed IT Infrastructure

    Free up your in-house IT resources for more strategic, value-added or revenue-generating tasks.


    • Round-the-clock coverage
    • Single point of contact
    • Access to dedicated experts
    • Regular reports and enhancement recommendations
  • Business Continuity & Recovery

    Bounce back from accidental or unavoidable outages and resume business-as-usual fast with our suite of Business Recovery & Continuity Services.


    • Minimise disruption and ensure business-as-usual
    • Respond instantly with Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
    • Backup Business Continuity site
    • Preparation rehearsals and drills
    • Compliance with regulatory requirements

Hardware and System Maintenance

Fast, flexible and effective IT support

Looking after IT systems and supporting hardware is mission critical for every business. With a complete multi-vendor maintenance offering – including one of Asia’s most experienced team of certified engineers – our Hardware and System Maintenance service can maintain, troubleshoot and fix systems from most leading vendors.


  • Simplify vendor management and eliminate knowledge gaps
  • Reduce IT costs and optimise manpower

Security Without Inconvenience

You need your tools and your data to be available to your team. But the more accessible they are for your employees, the more they're exposed to cyber criminals as well. We all dream of a world where cybercrime doesn't pay, but until that happens, we must protect our environments with a security strategy that doesn't drain your productivity.

Thanks to our strategic partners, we can help develop and execute on a strategy that's tailored to the needs of your business.

  • Application and Data Security

    Secure your sensitive data no matter where it is stored, used, or transmitted.

  • Device Security

    Keep your networked devices safe from endpoint threats with constant monitoring.

  • Network Security

    Strengthen your first line of defense against breaches, intrusions, and other threats.

  • Awareness Training & Authentication

    Let the right people access the right assets at the right time — and no one else.